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Developing Technology for the Future

Materials and Structures

From our pioneering work on shape changing wings, we have broadened and deepened our expertise to such areas as materials engineered at the nano-scale and structural assemblies at the micro-scale to provide simultaneous high-damping and high-stiffness, nano-materials integrated in composites providing multi-functionality, and high energy density energetic materials – and we continue to expand the boundaries of the possible.

Sensors and Actuators

We have extensive experience in developing and integrating highly efficient electric, hydraulic, SMA, piezoelectric and hybrid actuators in wind tunnel models, underwater vehicles, flight vehicles and spacecraft. Our sensor expertise include strain and temperature sensing flexible arrays, miniature wireless pressure, temperature, and strain sensors, large-area non-contact strain measurement systems, and robotic devices for monitoring damage on complex parts.

Structurally Integrated Antennas

NextGen engineers pioneered Conformal Load-bearing Antenna Structures (CLAS) technology which enables large areas of a vehicle structure to be used for antenna functionality without compromising structural integrity. We have developed AJ-GPS CLAS arrays using direct printing techniques, low frequency antennas integrated into UAV wings, and other custom designed systems. Our R&D work directly led to the development of our flag-ship product, the BASSET UAV.

Modeling and Simulation

Our capabilities range from molecular-level studies of interfaces to advanced continuum techniques to tackle very large deformations on impact to modeling and simulation of complete vehicle dynamics. Our experience in blending modeling with experiments allows guided design and optimization. With our expertise, we eliminate costly trial and error to shorten the time to discovery of new materials and development of operational systems.