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System-Oriented R&D

We thrive on the novel challenges in advancing technology. Our team of scientists and engineers has never lost the student's desire to understand the core of the problem but combines it with real-world experience and attention to practicality, budget and schedule. It all started with a vision of adaptive structures for our morphing aircraft that has paved a road to ever-expanding research in advanced materials, structures, devices, performance characterization, and modeling and simulations.

We realize the deep benefits to be derived from close partnerships and have a proven record of collaborating with academic and industrial researchers as well production engineers. We maintain extensive collaboration with dozens of top tier universities and system integrators to keep abreast of cutting edge research as well as be aware of operational needs, which enables us to rapidly transition fundamental research from the lab to the field. We find innovative ways to integrate technologies into practical applications for a wide variety of customer needs. Some of our current projects include nanoengineered skins for damage resistance, advanced composite process modeling for industrial applications, and advanced and robust control systems for collaborative flight of multiple UAVS.

The breadth and depth of knowledge in the Research and Development group allows us to "connect the dots" even in the most challenging of fields over all scales of research from feasibility studies to testing and characterization of the final prototype.

If you have a challenging R&D problem, we would like to talk to you.