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Uncommon Challenges, Proven Innovation

Technology Demonstration Experts

At NextGen, we excel at technology demonstration: turning new ideas into real world systems. When a technology develops beyond the lab it takes skill and experience to achieve proof of performance in the field. Whether by integrating your technology into an existing platform or developing complete custom systems, let our team take your idea beyond imagination.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

We have developed several unmanned air vehicles to serve as technology demonstrators and payload testing platforms. Designed, fabricated, and operated in-house they have lifted a range of unique technologies including morphing wings, integrated RF systems, and formation aircraft docking systems. Big or small, airframe or payload, we have the design, planning, testing, and facilities experience to put your ideas into the air.

Wind Tunnel Models and Testing

Pushing the envelope at 60,000 feet usually starts with answering challenging questions on the ground. We develop and test complex wind tunnel models for the leading edge of the aerospace community. From rigid models to dynamically scaled models, instrumented and actuated, let our experience provide the results you need.

Robotic Vehicle Development

We develop robots for land, air, and under-sea environments. They have been used to develop biomimetic propulsion systems, first-of-a kind sensor and navigation packages, and cooperative aircraft systems. Put our proven expertise to use in producing your next unique and challenging robotic system.

Engineering Process Innovation

We strive to innovate at every level. Utilizing an array of automated computation and documentation techniques, we have repeatedly shown the ability to reduce complex analysis tasks from days to hours, all while improving accuracy and repeatability. We use this combination of attitude and capability to make effective and efficient use of our customers’ resources.

Engineering Services

With proven expertise, backed by extensive experience on military and commercial programs such as F/A-18, YF-23, B-2, B747, TSSAM and F-5 in stress analysis of composite and metallic structures, internal & external loads development, aeroelasticity, fatigue spectra generation, durability and damage tolerance analysis, the NextGen team is ready to provide quality cost-effective engineering services to execute your projects.